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Dental implants are an innovative and modern solution for replacing missing teeth what improves your smile and bite, as well as confidence. Implants are firmly fixed and integrated into the bone and gum, they have natural look and they feel and function like your own teeth. They are proven to be much more durable and long lasting than any other restorative dental treatment available today. Dental Implants are small screw like fixtures that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to form an artificial tooth root which anchors in place a new tooth crown. The benefits from having an implant includes:

  • Comfort: because implants feel and perform like natural teeth they are comfortable to wear.
  • Speech: dental implants do not budge in your mouth, so you can talk with confidence they don’t make your teeth slip.
  • Eating: because implants are fused with you jaw bones, they do not move what means you can eat and chew like with your natural teeth.
  • Oral health: implants do not require any modification to your nearby teeth what means your other teeth will not be damaged by the implants.
  • Bone atrophy: implants may eliminate bone atrophy.

Implant treatment normally involves several stages that take place over a period from 3 to 9 months. Because the procedure is tailored to your situation you need initial consultation with the dentist. During the appointment, the dentist will assess the viability of providing implant treatment, will explain the whole procedure, X-rays will be taken, and models of the teeth prepared. A written treatment plan will be then formulated with the detailed sequence of treatment and associated costs.

The longevity of crowns depends largely on how well you look after your teeth. Dental crowns require the same level of care and attention as your natural teeth. Provided you have a good oral hygiene program, attend for regular check ups by the dentist, don’t grind your teeth and maintain a tooth-kind diet, a high-quality dental crown can last at least 10 years.