Dental emergency

Dental emergencies need to be assessed and treated quickly to avoid the risk of permanent damage. But how can you tell if your aches and pains are normal, or a real toothache you should be concerned about? Those seemingly small problems can quickly turn into a toothache you won’t forget if left untreated.

Please contact Sistova Road Dental Studio if you are experiencing one of the symptoms listed below. These symptoms require you to contact us as soon as possible, so we can provide further advice and minimise any delay. If we think you require urgent care, we will book you an appointment as soon as possible, the same or next day.

  • Swelling of your gum, cheek or face. If the swelling also is spreading down to the neck, up to the eye or along the bottom of your mouth it is particularly important to tell us about that immediately.
  • Strong pain which is causing a lack of sleep or prevent you from a usual activity during the day.
  • Mouth ulcers that are not healed after two weeks.
  • Progressing pain even you followed self-help advice.
  • A broken tooth or lost filling, which is causing pain and damage to your cheek or tongue, that you haven’t been able to manage yourself.
  • Knocked-out a tooth.
  • Bleeding caused by facial trauma.

An emergency dental visit can mean much more than a mere toothache. As a patient, it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on in your mouth. Any significant changes could be a sign of a greater issue at hand. If you’re experiencing a toothache and need toothache relief an emergency dental visit is always a good idea.